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Tamera has a unique way of conducting therapy.  While utilizing approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Theory and Strengths Based Counseling, she is also not afraid to be creative with her approach and use resources for the benefit of her client’s individual needs. Her enthusiasm to help her clients promote change and reach their goals is both encouraging and brings hope to often desperate situations.  Tamera walks through the dark places with her clients to help bring light to one’s situation and to make the journey from tears to truth and triumph.

Why "Capturing Hope?"

In December 2016, the decision was made to open my own private practice as a mental health counselor. What had yet to be determined was the name of my new business. I took this decision very seriously because I felt the name would encompass what I believed my counseling practice to be about. I had been praying asking God what name I should choose.


The answer came to me at an unexpected time. Feeling alone and fearful, some of the decisions of starting my own business had become overwhelming. As the tears flowed freely, I heard a still small voice in my head saying, “I hold your tears in a bottle.” These words caught me so off guard that I stopped crying and went to my phone to Google “God holds my tears in a bottle” and Psalm 56:8 popped up. “You (God) keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle.”


From that Scripture I began thinking of what name would encompass the idea of God holding my tears and why. To capture something is to take something over and not let go. This is what God intends to do with our tears. And why? To give us hope. It is by God we can feel understood, cared for, and experience true lasting hope. I thank God for His inspiring Word to come up with the name of my business, Capturing Hope Counseling.


I pray that this is a place you experience lasting hope.

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