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Tamera provides marital counseling for those individuals who are married to someone with high-functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome).  Oftentimes an individual will suspect one’s spouse is on the autism spectrum, but is looking for help to confirm these suspicions and understand the results.  Tamera has extensive experience working with couples in this situation, with or without a prior diagnosis.  In some cases, both spouses may have high-functioning autism.

Sarah has professional and personal experience working with couples with infertility struggles.  She understands the impacts infertility can have on a marriage and strives to work with couples to navigate their emotions together.  Communication is the key to healthy marriages, especially those with infertility challenges.  Recognizing the triggers to stress associated with infertility, along with learning to share with one's spouse are areas Sarah passionate about when empathizing with couples.  

Sarah also has certification in Prepare and Enrich, a premarital and marital assessment which provides a wealth of information for couples who are entering into a lifetime commitment of marriage or those who have spent many years together who are looking to understand their relationship with one another more completely. 

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