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We have had a wonderful experience at Capturing Hope! They have been a great support to my son, as he copes with his Aspergers Syndrome. They have truly given us hope through the hard teenage years.


Tamera K. Perry, MSW, LCSW and
Sarah Graves MS, MA, LMHC

After five years in private practice, Tamera got the opportunity to open Capturing Hope Counseling in January 2017. Her practice met a unique need and quickly filled up, so in June 2018 she asked Sarah to join the team. They each bring their unique therapeutic strengths to serve those in the community. Together they serve a whole spectrum of ages and issues including anxiety, depression, high-functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome), ADHD, parenting, behavioral challenges, twice-exceptionalism (gifted and talented with special needs), women’s issues (including postpartum depression and infertility), marital (NT/AS marriages) and geriatric psychology. Tamera and Sarah are both faith-based therapists who care about the values and beliefs important to their clients. When mutually desired by a client they seek to effectively integrate faith with those whom they counsel.

What to Expect

CHC brings hope and resolution along with a collaborative spirit to their work with individuals, couples, and families. We are committed to specialized care for clients, developing interventions that meet their needs.


Capturing Hope Counseling is conveniently located on the North side of Indianapolis, near I-465 and US-31 North at:

10293 North Meridian St., Suite 180

Indianapolis, IN 46290

Office Hours

                    Tamera Perry   Sarah Graves

Tuesday     10am - 4pm

Wednesday                            3pm - 7pm

Thursdays  12pm - 7pm

Fridays        10am - 4pm     12pm - 5pm

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